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Registration for the Prix de Lausanne 2023 is now open! You have until September 30th to submit your application. Don't miss it!

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02 Sep 2022

Japan Preselection Jury

For the very first time, the Prix de Lausanne is organising a Preselection round in Japan to allow a few …

20 Jul 2022

The candidates preselected in Lausanne

Congratulations to the four dancers that have been preselected for the Prix de Lausanne 2023! The four dancers have been …

04 Jul 2022

Bourse Vaudoise de danse 2022

Congratulations to Louise Gigon ! She won the third Bourse vaudoise de danse organised by the Prix de Lausanne thanks …

12 Apr 2022

Schools & companies chosen by the 2022 Prize Winners

The 7 Prize Winners 2022 have chosen the school or company they will enter for the upcoming season! Discover their …

01 Mar 2022

“50 starry years”, book by Jean Pierre Pastori

We are excited to present Jean Pierre Pastori’s book, “50 starry years” written on the occasion of the 50th anniversary …

01 Mar 2022

Summer Intensive 2022

The next Summer Intensive – European Preselection will take place from July 4th to 9th, 2022 in Lausanne. The Prix …

05 Feb 2022

Prize Winners 2022

70 out of the 81 initially selected candidates have participated in the 2022 Edition of the Prix de Lausanne and …

05 Feb 2022

Young Creation Award – 2022 Winners

We are incredibly thrilled to have been able to hold a live edition of the Young Creation Award for the …

04 Feb 2022

Finalists 2022

Announcement of the Finalists   …

26 Jan 2022

Meet Luca Abdel-Nour

How did you start ballet ? I started with my sister who had been dancing for a long time, things …

21 Jan 2022

Open classes for local students

This year again, students from local dance schools have the opportunity to participate in classes given by renowned teachers during …

19 Jan 2022

Artistic team 2022

We are thrilled to present our artistic collaborators for this live edition of the Prix de Lausanne! We are so …