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Choreographic Project

The Partner School Choreographic Project is a choreographic programme that offers some students from our Partner Schools to come to Lausanne to learn and perform a unique and tailor-made choreography with a renowned choreographer.

This workshop takes place in Lausanne during the Prix de Lausanne main competition, but is not part of the competition. Students who take part in the Choreographic Project are sent by their Schools to live a unique collective and educational experience of choreography creation. During a whole week, they get the chance to meet with young dancers from all over the world, and to work with some of the biggest choreographers of our era. The choreography, set up and staged in only a few days, is then performed in front of the audience during the Prix de Lausanne Finals.

What they said about the project…

I am in awe of this project and the opportunity for our students. They are so very excited to participate!
Arlene Minkhorst, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School

This will be such a valuable experience for all students involved. We are very very grateful and appreciative that they can be offered this exceptional opportunity.
– Indrani Delmaine & Gigi Hyatt, The School of the Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier

Choreographic Project 2023

During the 2023 edition of the Partner School Choreographic Project the partner students will be working on an original piece with Goyo Montero. It will be performed in the Interlude during the Finals. The tickets will be available in December.

Previous editions

In 2020, for the 3rd edition of the Choreographic Project, the choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti has created “Andante Ballabile” for and with 26 students from our Partner Schools. We discovered the results of their one-week work during the Interlude of the Prix de Lausanne Finals, on February 8th, 2020!

Artistic Team

  • Mauro Bigonzetti: choreographer
  • Macha Daudel: assistant to the Choreographer
  • Carlo Cerri: light designer

That year, the project was supported by an anonymous donor, the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation, the Friends of the Prix de Lausanne, Dance West and the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace.


In 2019, for the 2nd edition of the project, it is with the Dutch choreographer Didy Veldman that 26 dancers met in Lausanne to create a new piece, Is to Be (music from Arvo Pärt, Tabula Rasa). The dancers then performed their work during the Interlude on Saturday 9th February, 2019 as a world premiere!

Artistic Team

  • Didy Veldman: choreographer
  • Estela Merlos: Assistant to the Choreographer
  • Ben Ormero: light designer
  • Arvo Pärt: music composer for Tabula Rasa


For the first time in 2018, the Prix de Lausanne Partner Schools have been invited to send two of their best students to Lausanne to create a one-of-a-kind collaboration. For this first edition of the project, 50 students from all around the world came to Lausanne to learn an original piece (Pulse) created by the renowned choreographer Goyo Montero.

Artistic Team

  • Goyo Montero: choreographer
  • Carlos Lazaro: assistant to the Choreographer
  • Owen Belton: music composer for Pulse