Artistic team of the 2024 Summer Intensive

We are thrilled to announce the artistic team for the 2024 Summer Intensive!

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Our Mission

Created in 1973, the Prix de Lausanne is an international ballet competition for young dancers aged 15-18 years old. Its goal is to discover, promote and support the finest talents around the world.

Its mission is:

  • To reveal the potential of exceptionally talented young dancers from around the globe by having them perform before a jury of world-renowned dance personalities;
  • To open the doors to the world’s finest schools and companies for them by providing scholarships to the most prestigious international schools and companies;
  • To promote their scholastic education (a dancer’s career is short-lived: from about age 18 to 38) by ensuring that they earn a high school diploma which will facilitate their career transition;
  • To preserve their health by applying a strict health policy: eating habits and body mass index are scrutinized before the competition.

A unique competition

Because we are pioneers in the field of training dancers

Our Partner Schools approve our policy on health and scholastic education. They share our conviction that it is necessary to develop dancers’ all-round skills.

Because of our ethical reputation

The candidate evaluation system is rigorous. All the dance professionals participate in the competition on a voluntary basis (jury, coaches, etc.). We take into account the candidates’ needs as people and not just as dance technicians.

Because of our longevity and our level of excellence

Our competition has acquired a long-standing experience. Our candidates demonstrate the highest level of quality. We enjoy the broadest international exposure. All young dancers from around the world dream of participating in the Prix de Lausanne.


The Prix de Lausanne rewards potential rather than results. The competition week serves as a top-level annual meeting point for the international dance world.
Today the Prix de Lausanne has become not only a worldwide famous competition but also a meeting place for personalities of the dance world.

How does it work

The Jury

The Jury is composed of nine internationally renowned dance personalities, representing different countries and a broad palette of ballet styles.

The Competition

Young dancers from around the world send a video to Lausanne. The Artistic Committee selects a maximum of 75 candidates to take part in the competition. During the week in Lausanne, candidates are judged both during a dance class and individually on stage.

The Prize Winners

Twenty candidates reach the Finals and between 6 and 8 receive a scholarship. The Prix de Lausanne organises the winners’ transfer to one of its partner schools or companies and monitors their development during the grant year (settling in, health, education, career prospects, etc.).

The career springboard

Candidates not selected for the Finals take part in an audition class viewed by Dchool and Company Directors. All participants thus have an opportunity to be seen by and to come into contact with key personalities of the dance world.

The people who make it

The main actors

The organisation team