Rising Stars

Sunday, February 4th, 2024!

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American Friends

Join us and become a member of the American Friends of the Prix de Lausanne or support a specific project. Attend the Prix de Lausanne as a VIP guest and enjoy numerous tailor-made benefits !

Launched in 2023, the American Friends of the Prix de Lausanne Fund reunites a growing community of international patrons committed to support the mission of the Prix de Lausanne and foster its artistic partnerships with American artists, schools and companies.

Please join us for the thrilling culmination of the 52nd edition of the Prix de Lausanne!  The busy weekend, from Friday, February 2 to Sunday, February 4, 2024, is a highlight of Lausanne’s cultural and social season and will include studio visits and privileged behind-the-scenes access, the selection of finalists followed by a festive announcement cocktail, the extraordinary finals competition, an exclusive celebratory dinner at the historic Beau Rivage Palace gathering esteemed artists, jury members, prize winners and international patrons, and the spectacular Rising Stars gala performance featuring some of today’s biggest international names and most promising talents.

Find out more by clicking on our dedicated fundraising page or by contacting the Prix de Lausanne at demian.vargas@prixdelausanne.org

Thanks to the American Friends of the Prix de Lausanne fund, U.S. individuals and organizations can make tax-deductible contributions to the fullest extent allowed by the United States Tax Code


  • Holly BONDAR
  • Yoshio and Kristi ISHIYAMA
  • Serena LESE
  • Alison MAZZOLA
  • Madeleine PLAUT
  • Resa and Heiner SUSSNER
  • Joy WOMACK
  • Sharon and Robert YOERG