Summer Intensive – European Preselection

Registration for our Summer programme for young Swiss and/or European dancers is now open! Don't miss this amazing opportunity that might open the doors to the Prix de Lausanne 2024 for you!

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Live streaming

Experience the Prix de Lausanne as if you were there!

Every year, we make our competition available worldwide thanks to long hours of live streaming!

For the 9th year in a row, the Prix de Lausanne competition will be live streamed on ARTE Concert’s channels. The audience from all over the world will be able to enjoy the competition as well as original content with a live commentary from Lausanne. The competition week will be commented live by Jason Beechey and Cynthia Harvey. The Selections will be hosted by Cinthia Labaronne, and the Finals by Deborah Bull.

Replays are available on our YouTube channel as usual.

Gala of the Stars

Exceptionally this year, a Gala of the Stars is taking place as a celebration of our 50th anniversary. We are extremely grateful to be able to share it with our web audience thanks to Mezzo TV and


The Prix de Lausanne would like to thank:


Watch more than 7 hours of live streaming daily!

9am-9.45am · Classical warm-up, Girls A & B
(with Clairemarie Osta)
9.45am-10.15am · Classical run-through, Girls A 9.50am · ITV with Kathryn Bradney
10.30am-11.30am · Classical class, Boys A
(with Julio Bocca)
10.45am · ITV with Jean-Christophe Maillot
11.45am-1.15pm · Contemporary class, Boys B
(with Lakey E. Peña)
2.15pm-3.45pm · Classical class, Girls B
(with Elisabeth Platel)
3pm · ITV with Diana Vishneva
4.15pm-5.30pm Classical class, Boys B
(with Julio Bocca)
5pm ·ITV with Martin Schläpfer



9.15am-10.45am · Classical class, Boys A
(with Julio Bocca)
10am · ITV with Tetsuya Kumakawa
11am-12.30pm · Contemporary class, Girls A
(with Lakey E. Peña)
1.30pm-3pm · Contemporary coaching, Boys  B
2.45pm · ITV with Milla Loock
3.15pm-4.45pm · Classical class, Girls B
(with Elisabeth Platel)
4pm · ITV with Sylviane Bayard


8.15am-9.30am · Classical class, Girls A & B
(with Elisabeth Platel)
10am-11am · Contemporary class, Boys A
(with Lakey E. Peña)
10.30am · ITV with Christopher Wheeldon
11.15am-12.15pm · Classical coaching, Girls B
(with Monique Loudières)
11.30am · ITV with Endalyn T. Outlaw
1.30pm-2.30pm · Classical coaching, Boys A
(with Nicolas Le Riche)
2.15pm · ITV with Christopher Powney
2.50pm-4.10pm · Contemporary coaching, Boys A & B  
6pm-7.30pm · Choreographic evening :
1. Finals of the Young Creation Award
2. Public rehearsal of the Partner School Choreographic Project with Goyo Montero


9am-10.15am · Classical class, Boys A & B
(with Julio Bocca)
10.15am-11.30am · Classical coaching, Boys A
(with Nicolas Le Riche)
1pm-2pm · Classical coaching, Girls A
(with Monique Loudières)
1.45pm · ITV with Julie Kent
2.15pm-3.15pm · Contemporary class, Girls B
(with Lakey E. Peña)
2.15pm · ITV with Stéphane Lagonico
3.30pm-4.30pm ·Classical coaching, Boys B
(with Nicolas Le Riche)
4.45pm-6.30pm · Contemporary run-through, Girls A et B
5.30pm · ITV with Melanie Person


  • 9.30am-12.30pm · Selections Girls & Boys A
    Presented by Cynthia Harvey and Jason Beechey
  • 2.30pm-6pm · Selections Girls & Boys B
    Presented by Cynthia Harvey and Jason Beechey
  • 6.45pm · Announcement of the finalists
  • 2.30pm-2.45pm · Classical class for finalists on stage (with Elisabeth Platel)
  • 3pm · Finals of the 2023 competition
  • 4.45pm-5.15pm · Intermission
  • 5.20pm-6pm · Interlude
    • Antonio Casalinho: Diana & Actaeon (pas de deux) with Margarita Fernandes
    • Winners of the Young Creation Award 2023
    • Antonio Casalinho: Grinding the teeth (solo)
    • Partner School Choreographic Project (revealing of a unique piece by Goyo Montero)
  • 6pm-6.30pm · Awards Ceremony

The exceptional Gala of the Stars will be live streamed in its entirety on as well as our website.

The Gala will start at 4.30pm and last 90 minutes

Here is the running order:

Alina Cojocaru & Friedemann Vogel
Lady of the Camellias
Choreographer: John Neumeier
Music: Frédéric Chopin

Laura Fernandez & Xander Parish
Choreographer: Juliano Nunez
Music: Franz Schubert

Matthew Ball
Dance of the Blessed Spirits
Choreographer: Frederick Ashton
Music: Christophe Willibald von Gluck

Madison Young & Julian Mackay
Choreographer: Marius Petipa
Music: Adolphe Adam

Marcelo Gomes & Alejandro Azorin
Choreographer: David Dawson
Music: Claude Debussy

Elisa Badenes & Vadim Muntagirov
Black Swan pas de deux
Choreographer: Marius Petipa
Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Maria Kochetkova
27 Zero
Choreographer: Ella Rothschild
Music: Franz Schubert

Partner School Choreographic Project
Choreographer: Goyo Montero
Music: Owen Belton and Claudio Frasseto

Marcelino Sambe & Francesca Hayward
The Dream pas de deux
Choreographer: Frederick Ashton
Music: Felix Mendelssohn

Steven McRae
Choreographer : Steven McRae
Music : Vittorio Monti

Mayara Magri & Victor Caixeta
Don Quixote
Choreographer: Marius Petipa
Music: Ludwig Minkus

Alejandro Azorin
Solo 01: 3 Parts Ligeti
Choreographer: Houston Thomas
Music: György Ligeti

Precious Adams & Eric Snyder
This Bitter Earth
Choreographer: Christopher Wheeldon
Music: Clyde Otis, performed by Dinah Washington from the motion picture soundtrack for Shutter Island

Mackenzie Brown
Choreographer: Katarzyna Kozielska
Music: New Tango Orquestra

Margarita Fernandes & Antonio Casalinho
Diana and Actaeon
Choreographer: Agrippina Vaganova
Music: Cesare Pugni and Riccardo Drigo

Mizuka Ueno
Dying Swan
Choreographer: Michel Fokine
Music: Camille Saint-Saëns

Olga Smirnova & Victor Caixeta
Nutcracker pas de deux
Choreographer: Jean-Christophe Maillot
Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Performance length:
90 minutes, without intermission