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Paola Cantalupo

“Balancing between classical lyricism and contemporary reality, dance is a constant school of life offering the chance to express our deepest emotions through movement and time.”

Name: Paola Cantalupo

Birthplace: Genoa, Italy

Training: The school of « La Scala » Theater, Milan, Italy, Margaret Craske NYC.

Prix de Lausanne: Gold Medal (1977), Jury member (1991,1998, 2004), Coach (2004-08), Artistic committee (2004-09), Lecturer (2005-08)

Previous companies/positions: Etoile Ballets de Monte-Carlo (1988-2008), Principal National Ballet of Portugal (1984-88), Soloist Hamburg Ballet (1980-83), Ballet du XXème Siècle (1979-80), The Ballet of La Scala Theatre (1977-79).

Current company/position:  Artistic Director of Rosella Hightower National Center of Higher Education in Dance (Cannes-Mougins, France)

Favourite roles/choreographies: Giselle (Coralli – Perrot), Transfigured night (Kylian), Cinderella (Maillot)

Career highlight: Performing Cinderella at the Prix de Lausanne performance 2007 with my son watching in the wings, on the thirtieth anniversary of my debut at the Prix in 1977.

Message to the Prix de Lausanne candidates: Take the time to watch and learn, and enjoy the experience. We all have a bit of the “light” within us and you may find the missing facets in your colleagues, fellow competitors and teachers.

Message to the Prix de Lausanne organisation: Thank you for accompanying me and so many others throughout our careers in dance. The Prix is like a beacon, always shining with the essence of dance and youth, giving us a glimpse of the future, today.