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We are thrilled to announce the artistic team for the 2024 Summer Intensive!

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Finalists 2020

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07 Feb 2020

The 77 candidates from all around the world have performed on the stage of the Auditorium Stravinski in Montreux during today’s Selections of the 48th Prix de Lausanne. The jury members observed the candidates many times before revealing their final choices at the end of the Selections, during which the young talents performed one classical variation and one contemporary variation in front of a large audience.

The jury, made of 9 renowned personalities of the dance world and presided this year by Frédéric Olivieri, Prize Winner of the Prix de Lausanne 1977, have selected the 21 Finalists of the Prix de Lausanne 2020:

102 ARBUCKLE Ava United States 15.1 years old
108 WANG Zeyu China 15.9 years old
109 KIM Soo Min South Korea 15.9 years old
112 KANG Chaeyon South Korea 15.11 years old
113 LUCKUTE Milda Lithuania 15.11 years old
118 BEATY Sophie Australia 16.5 years old
201 MATSUOKA Kaito Japan 15 years old
203 VAZ Vitor Augusto Brazil 15.3 years old
204 BARKER Max United States 15.3 years old
206 SMITH-LEISHMAN Jackson Australia 15.7 years old
207 YAN Chun Hung China 15.9 years old
209 MCDONALD Austen Australia 16.4 years old
306 ZHOU Yue China 17.4 years old
307 ZHANG Lin China 17.4 years old
312 WANG Yuyan China 17.8 years old
316 PIRES Catarina Portugal 17.11 years old
323 ROBINSON Evelyn United States 18.3 years old
325 HUANG Xuetong China 18.5 years old
406 MASCIARI Marco Italy 17.7 years old
407 SANTANA João Vitor Brazil 17.7 years old
421 HOLELEU Matei Romania 18.1 years old

The 21 selected candidates are from 10 different countries. The most represented ones are China (6 candidates) and Australia and the United States with 3 candidates each.

The Finals will take place on Saturday, February 8th at 2pm (Switzerland time). It will be live streamed on ARTE Concert, YouTube, Facebook and on Dance Australia and the Prix de Lausanne websites. The Prize Winners will be announced around 6pm. 7 Finalists will receive a scholarship and have the unique opportunity to choose among the most prominent schools and companies of ballet in the world.

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