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19 Jun 2014

Harlequin , (www.harlequinfloors.com) world leaders in dance floor technology has been supporting the Prix de Lausanne since 2009.

This year Harlequin will once again support the videoblog competition which lets internet users share in the emotions of the candidates and get a glimpse behind the scenes at the Prix de Lausanne.

The idea behind the partnership between Prix de Lausanne and Harlequin is the shared interest in youngsters with a talent for dance. In fact, for over 40 years, the Prix de Lausanne and Harlequin have in turn supported future stars of the dance world. The Prix de Lausanne enables students to access a study grant whilst Harlequin provides top quality dance floors. Harlequin also leads an international awareness campaign on the importance of the correct dance floors in preventing injury to dancers.

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