Artistic team of the 2024 Summer Intensive

We are thrilled to announce the artistic team for the 2024 Summer Intensive!

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Sonia Vinograd

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05 Sep 2013

Sonia Vinograd

Ahead of the first Preselections in Dresden this autumn, we have been catching up with Prix participants who have made a dancing career in Germany. Our series continue with Dresden Semperoper Ballet’s Sonia Vinograd:

Sonia is a recent Prix laureate. After wowing audiences during the 2012 finals with her soaring jumps, go-for-it attitude and expressive stage presence, she joined Semperoper Ballet’s apprentice program. The native Spaniard has just been promoted and is officially joining the Company’s corps de ballet for the 2013/14 season – congratulations Sonia!


Participating in the Prix de Lausanne had been a dream since I was very young. I had been watching the competition for about four years before I decided to audition. Once I was committed to becoming a professional dancer, I knew the Prix de Lausanne would be the perfect opportunity to achieve that goal.


I performed the first variation of the Pas de Trois from Swan Lake as the classical variation and “Libera Me” by Cathy Marston, as the contemporary variation. It was tough to decide from the solos given for my age group, I would have been more comfortable choosing from the 17 – 18 year old selection! My teacher then decided to prepare the Pas de Trois variation in a brilliantly fresh choreographic version. To show a different side of me, I chose to “Libera Me” because it is quite dramatic. I think it is always interesting to show different qualities between the two variations.

Creative Forces

I felt very comfortable from the moment I arrived in Lausanne: everything was well-organized and the staff was welcoming. When I first set foot onstage, I remember feeling incredibly proud of having a dream become reality.

It wasn’t just my dream though, all of the candidates there shared that dream with me: we had a common goal. There was this concentrated creative energy which pushed me to do my very best. The teachers and coaches encouraged that actively. I will never forget the coaching with Monique Loudières: I would have loved to work with her for hours on end!

Friends & Future Colleagues

I keep in contact with many of my colleagues from Prix week. We keep each other up to date on our whereabouts and sometimes help each other, offering up ideas and opinions. We are a community of young dancers who are just starting our careers and it is very interesting for me to hear from others about their experiences and their journeys.

Career Path

I arrived in Lausanne with an open and curious mind, willing to see and learn. I began to clearly understand the importance of developing both ballet and contemporary as a dancer nowadays.

This is the exact reason why I chose to join the apprentice program offered in conjunction with the Palucca Hochschule in Dresden and the Dresden Semperoper Ballet. The latter is a company that works in both the classical and contemporary idiom.

Finally, after a year of hard work as an apprentice, I was hired as a full company member for the 13/14 season!

Following the Prix

Yes, of course I follow the Prix on social media! It’s very exciting for me to see and follow the updates, especially after having been there myself. It really gets under my skin, I feel for the candidates.

The Dance Competition World

I think it is really interesting to experience this world. You can compare your level of training, learn by watching other competitors and collect performance experience. All that will help you mature as a person! The preparations and rehearsal process at my home school made me improve both technically and artistically.


Work hard and go for your dream. Enjoy every moment you get to spend dancing.

You will be surrounded by young dancers with great potential and some with incredible physicality. Do not forget that everybody has something very unique and special about them. That is what you have to find in you. And it will make you shine.

Photos: Gregory Batardon & Prix de Lausanne