Artistic team of the 2024 Summer Intensive

We are thrilled to announce the artistic team for the 2024 Summer Intensive!

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Results – Selections – 45th edition of Prix de Lausanne

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03 Feb 2017

Lausanne February 3rd, 2017: after 4 days of intensive classes, 20 candidates have qualified for the finals of the competition.

Candidate 306 – Marina Fernandes da Costa Duarte – Photo by: Rodrigo Buas

Since the beginning of the week, 66 candidates from all over the world have attended daily classes, coaching, and rehearsals with prestigious professionals in the field. Carefully observed by jury members, the candidates have all had one goal in mind: to perform their classical and contemporary variations on stage for a live audience at the Beaulieu Theatre.

Their potential was not only assessed by considering their technical facility, but also their ability to give an imaginative and sensitive response to the music. The candidates have had to master the traditional classical repertoire as well as the contemporary creations of John Neumeier, our main guest choreographer for the 45th edition.

Candidate 201 – Koyo Yamamoto – Photo by: Rodrigo Buas

This year, the Director of the Royal Ballet, Kevin O’Hare, is the president of the nine jury member panel. As internationally-renowned dance professionals, they selected the 20 most promising talents who outdone themselves the most.

The 20 finalists of the Prix de Lausanne 2017 are:

102. Lauren Hunter / USA / 15 years old 212. Jingkun Xu / China / 16 years old
104. Yuika Fujimoto / Japan / 15 years old 213. Alessandro Frola / Italy / 16 years old
107. Jessi Seymour / Australia / 15 years old 303. Ji Min Kwon / South Korea / 17 years old
111. Sunmin Lee / South Korea / 16 years old 306. Marina Fernandes da Costa Duarte / Brazil / 17 years old
114. Rafaela Henrique / Brazil / 16 years old 312. Fang qi Li / China / 18 years old
120. Diana Giorgia Ionescu / Romania / 16 years old 406. Sunu Lim / South Korea / 17 years old
201. Koyo Yamamoto / Japan / 15 years old 410. Michele Esposito / Italy / 17 years old
203. Edoardo Sartori / Italy / 16 years old 415. Taisuke Nakao / Japan / 17 years old
205. Denilson Almeida / Brazil / 16 years old 420. Riku Ota / Japan / 18 years old
210. Joshua Jack Price / Australia / 16 years old 423. Stanislaw Wegrzyn / Poland / 18 years old

The 20 selected candidates are from 9 different countries and the most represented are Japan with 4 candidates, Brazil, Italy and South Korea with each 3 candidates. Discover their schools here.

Eight of the finalists will receive one of the scholarships/apprenticeships, for which the Prix de Lausanne is so well-known for. The prize winners receive the unique opportunity to choose among the most prominent schools and companies that they would like to attend.

Candidates helping one another – Photo by: Gregory Batardon


Finals will take place on Saturday 4th, 2017 from 2.30pm. They will be broadcasted live on our website and on Arte Concert. The results will be announced around 7pm.