Artistic team of the 2024 Summer Intensive

We are thrilled to announce the artistic team for the 2024 Summer Intensive!

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15 Jul 2019

We are proud to announce the names of the four young talented dancers selected after the week of classes and coaching sessions during the first Summer Intensive organized by the Prix de Lausanne!  They have been invited to register and participate in the next Prix de Lausanne from February 2nd to 9th, 2020 in Montreux. The jury also decided to give an Honorary Mention to one excellent participant.

The dancers selected are:

  • Matei Holeleu, Romania, 18.3 years old, Ballettschule Theater Basel (Switzerland)

  • Ayumi Kato, Switzerland, 16.9 years old, Ballettschule for das Opernhaus Zürich (Switzerland)

  • Alice Royal, France, 15.8 years old, L’Atelier d’Art Chorégraphique (Paris)

  • Alina Taratorin, Russian Federation, 17.3 years old, Bayer Ballet Academy (Mountain View, California, USA)

The Honorary mention goes to:

  • Colin Jacobs, Belgium, 17 years old, Palucca University of Dance Dresden (Germany)