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We are thrilled to announce the artistic team for the 2024 Summer Intensive!

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Exhibition Gregory Batardon

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17 Jan 2023

As part of our 50th anniversary and another year of collaboration with our historic partner, the Beau-Rivage Palace, we are delighted to present a photo exhibition of Gregory Batardon’s work.

Gregory has been an official photographer of the Prix de Lausanne for more than 10 years. In this exhibition, he made a selection of his favourites and most iconic photos.

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The photos can be purchased directly from the photographer

Photo legends:

  • Mains à la barre
    Prix de Lausanne 2011
  • Cambré
    Prix de Lausanne 2011
  • Anisa Sinteral Scott (USA): Dancer at the Ballet West, Salt Lake City
    Prix de Lausanne 2011
  • Caballero Junior Gaspard (Paraguay): Dancer at the Ballet Nacional Sodre
    Prix de Lausanne 2012
  • Madoka Sugai (Japan): Principal at the Hamburg Ballet
    Prix de Lausanne 2012
  • Zunyuan Gong (China)
    Prix de Lausanne 2013
  • Juliet Doherty (USA): Actress and dancer in the USA
    Prix de Lausanne 2014
  • Sunmin Lee (South Korea)
    Prix de Lausanne 2017
  • Diana Georgia Ionescu (Romania): Soloist at the Stuttgart Ballet
    Prix de Lausanne 2017
  • Yeonseo Choi (South Korea): Apprentice at the American Ballet Theater
    Prix de Lausanne 2022
  • Koyo Yamamoto (Japan): Dancer at the Dutch National Ballet
    Prix de Lausanne 2017
  • Chubo Wang (China)
    Prix de Lausanne 2017
  • Marco Masciari (Italy): Artist at the Royal Ballet
    Prix de Lausanne 2020
  • Yu Wakizuka (Japan): Dancer at the Houston Ballet
    Prix de Lausanne 2019
  • Jeux d’ombres
    Prix de Lausanne 2020


Before becoming a photographer, Gregory was a dancer. He performed with the Grand Théâtre de Genève for twenty years. During that time, he got the chance to travel the world and work with great choreographers and many inspiring artists.

Passionate about photography since his childhood, it is no surprise that he specialised in dance photography. He loves capturing dance with all it can express: Power, sensuality, beauty, freedom, fragility, mysticism and magic.

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