Latin American Preselection

The Latin American Preselection 2023 will take place in Cordoba, Argentina, on September 30th and October 1st!.

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Crowdfunding campaign 2021

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26 Jan 2021

Make a donation to support the dancer who will be awarded the Audience Favourite Prize!

Why donate?

Very often, a Prix de Lausanne Prize Winner must do his/her own crowdfunding campaign to be able to pay for the expenses to get to his/her partner school or company. Thanks to your help, the dream will much more easily come true for your favourite candidate!

  • Help the Audience Favourite Prize Winner 2021 to get to his/her chosen partner school or company while contributing his/her travels, hotels and food expenses!
  • Contribute to open the doors to the world’s finest schools and companies for these young dancers.
  • Contribute to the Prix de Lausanne’s mission which is to reveal the potential of exceptionally talented young dancers from around the globe by having them perform in front of a jury composed of world-renowned dance personalities.

What is the Audience Favourite Prize?

The totality of the funds raised by this campaign will be offered to the Audience Favourite Prize Winner.

The Audience Favourite Prize will be attributed to the most voted 2021 candidate by the web spectators who watched the competition thanks to the livestreaming. The online vote will be available from Friday, February 5th and will end after the Finals.

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