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Carte blanche to Etienne Malapert

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18 Jan 2024

Each year, the Prix de Lausanne invites a “carte blanche” photographer to document the competition in his/her own way. This is an opportunity to discover the Prix de Lausanne’s unique atmospheres that reveal themselves far from the stagelights.

In 2023, we invited Swiss photographer Etienne Malapert and his cameras inside the Beaulieu Theatre in Lausanne for his project “50 years, 50 details”. His work will be exhibited in large format on the Grand-Pont in Lausanne, from 22 January to 5 February 2024.


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50 years, 50 details

For its anniversary edition in 2023, the Prix de Lausanne entrusted the Lausanne photographer Etienne Malapert with a ‘carte blanche,’ providing him with the creative freedom to document the competition in his distinctive manner. The emphasis for the 50th anniversary celebration was on showcasing dance and the precision of its movements.

The project commissioned for the carte blanche in 2023 represents an artistic endeavor specifically designed to capture the essence of dance during this milestone occasion. The chosen approach involves presenting, in a precise and systematic manner, fragments of dancers’ bodies in motion. This includes a focus on hands, feet, backs, legs, and faces. By isolating and highlighting these elements, the photographer aims to artistically convey the beauty and intricacy of the dancers’ movements, offering a unique perspective that celebrates the physicality and expressiveness of dance on this significant anniversary.