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84 selected candidates for the Prix de Lausanne 2020

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30 Oct 2019

The video selections took place from October 24th to 27th in Lausanne with a jury panel composed of 9 professionals from the dance world. There were 377 applicants (301 girls and 76 boys) from 44 different countries who sent their videos. A total of 76 dancers have been selected and 8 candidates were already pre-selected*.
In total, 84 dancers (51 girls and 33 boys) were selected to take part in the Prix de Lausanne 2020.

Kathryn Bradney, Prix de Lausanne’s Artistic and Executive Director : “I am proud to present the selected dancers that will take part in the Prix de Lausanne 2020. These chosen dancers are the results of the video selections, with applicants from a large and varied number of countries, but also the successful results of our first Summer Intensive – European Preselection, that took place last July in Lausanne. I also went to Beijing in August and to Goiania (Brazil) in September and chose 5 dancers. I am sending all of the contestants my very best wishes and look forward to meeting them all in Montreux!”

*Several candidates were pre-selected in Lausanne (at the occasion of the first Summer Intensive – European Preselection), in China (at the Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition) and in Brazil (at the official South American Prix de Lausanne’s pre-selection in Goiania).