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“50 starry years”, book by Jean Pierre Pastori

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01 Mar 2022

We are excited to present Jean Pierre Pastori’s book, “50 starry years” written on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Prix de Lausanne. This book, with its anecdotes and amazing photo archives, takes the reader on a journey through the history of the competition.

The book is available for purchase online, on our editor Infolio’s website.

No sooner has a gesture or a movement been executed, than it vanishes from the space it briefly occupied. Why should dance competitions be any different? Yet 50 years after it was created, the PDL continues to flourish. That is because it has been prepared to adapt and embrace change, in order to remain constantly in tune with the needs of young dancers nearing the end of their training.The scholarships and apprenticeships are what is chiefly at stake, of course; but in a broader sense, the Prixis a formative experience that has metamorphosed over the years. This book documents its evolution in texts and images.