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News - 2019 Prix de Lausanne

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12 Dec 2019

Emile Chouriet scholarship Prize Winners

Sumina Sasaki, a young Japanese ballerina, won the Émile Chouriet scholarship at the 47th Prix de Lausanne, in 2019. Following …

02 Dec 2019

Photo exhibition

The photographs from Fred Merz of the candidates in the Beaulieu Theater (taken during the Prix de Lausanne 2019) will …

16 Oct 2019

Interview with Prize Winner 2019 Sumina Sasaki

Sumina Sasaki, a young Japanese ballerina, won the scholarship provided by Emile Chouriet after the 47th Prix de Lausanne, in   …

16 Oct 2019

Networking Forum 2019

We are delighted to announce that at least 34 dancers – among the candidates of the Prix de Lausanne 2019 …

30 Aug 2019

Émile Chouriet, Prix de Lausanne 2020 sponsor

The Émile Chouriet Manufacture is proud to sponsor the Prix de Lausanne for the fourth consecutive year. It will be …

01 Apr 2019

Schools & companies chosen by the Prize Winners 2019

The 8 Prize Winners 2019 have chosen the school or company they will enter for the upcoming season! Discover their …

09 Feb 2019

Prize Winners 2019

74 out of the 81 initially selected candidates have participated in the competition week and 21 of them reached the …

08 Feb 2019

Finalists 2019

The 74 candidates from all around the world have performed on the stage of the Beaulieu Theater during the Selections …

29 Jan 2019

Meet with the jury members 2019!

On Wednesday, February 6th, the Prix de Lausanne organises two special events. The entrance is free, do come and enjoy!  …

17 Jan 2019

Classes for local dance school students

Each year, students from local dance schools have the opportunity to participate in classes given by renowned teachers at the …

17 Jan 2019

Crowdfunding campain 2019

Make a donation to support the two dancers who will be awarded the Audience Favourite Prizes! Why donate? Very often, …

08 Jan 2019

Interlude 2019

Hannah O’Neill, Première danseuse at the Paris Opera Ballet and Prize Winner of the Prix de Lausanne 2009, will perform …