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Sunday, February 4th, 2024!

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The Prix de Lausanne 2024 will take place from January 28 to February 4, 2024, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

CLICK HERE to discover the 2024 Selected Candidates!

Competition info

  • The Prix de Lausanne 2024 will take place from January 28 to February 4, 2024, in Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • For the 2024 competition: dancers must be born between February 4, 2005, and February 3, 2009.


Attention! Please note that for the 2025 competition, dancers must be born between February 9, 2006, and February 8, 2010.

Latest updated version: 30.08.2023







한국어 문서


Documentos em português


Documentos en español



For the 2024 selected candidates, the second registration form is open from November 6 to the 17, 2023.

  • CLICK HERE to pay the second registration fee.
  • Download HERE your commitment form and submit it via the registration form below.
  • Make sure to complete the 2nd registration form in order to confirm your participation at the Prix de Lausanne 2024. Please consult the official list of variations below before filling out the form.




Prix de Lausanne 2024 list of classical and contemporary variations

The official audio files of the variations and the video files of the contemporary variations will be published soon. The audio files cannot be edited so make sure to choose a variation where the tempo is suitable for you.

Classical Variations 2024

Contemporary Variations 2024


CLICK HERE to download the official classical audio files.

  • CLICK HERE to view the official choreography for the Pharaoh’s Daughter variation. Only the official version choreographed by Pierre Lacotte and danced by Svetlana Zakharova will be allowed.

CLICK HERE to download the official contemporary audio files.

CLICK HERE to view the official contemporary video files.

Accommodations in Lausanne

The Prix de Lausanne doesn’t recommend specific hotels. We advise you to use hotel search engines such as www.hotels.com, www.booking.com or www.airbnb.com, TripAdvisor or Trivago may also help you to compare the best offers among these different search engines. You can also find a detailed list of hotels and bed-and-breakfasts as well as complimentary information on the City of Lausanne Tourism website: www.lausanne-tourisme.ch

Tips on finding a hotel in Lausanne:

Choose a hotel in the city center of Lausanne. Bussigny and Crissier are suburbs, and you will need a car to reach the Theater if you stay there. You can also check the Postal Code/ZIP code that should be between 1000 and 1018. Keep in mind that Lausanne is a small city and most of the hotels in the center provide easy access to the Theater. Nearest bus stop: Beaulieu (lines 2 and 21)

Special discounts:

We have special rates in two different hotels, subject to rooms availability.
Please communicate your needs to the chosen hotel and specify that you are coming for the Prix de Lausanne, before 8 December 2023, in order to make the reservation.
A free ticket for public transport will be offered and is valid for the whole stay.


❖ Tulip inn***

10, Chem. du Cerisier 8, 1004 Lausanne

Tel : + 41 21 646 16 25
– From CHF 139 per night with breakfast for a single room

Tourist tax CHF 5.50 per day and person
Reservation by email to reception@tulipinnlausanne.ch


❖ Ibis Lausanne Centre***

Rue du Maupas 20, 1004 Lausanne Tel : +41 21 340 07 07

– From CHF 150 per night with breakfast for a single room

Tourist tax CHF 3.10 per day and person Reservation by email to h6772@accor.com

Application for financial support

Thanks to generous sponsors, the Prix de Lausanne can offer financial support to candidates who may be in need. Candidates must contact the Prix de Lausanne to inform of their intention to apply for financial support before their registration for the video selection, on 30 September 2023, at the latest. If the candidate is selected, they will then have to send the formal application before 6 November 2023.

The formal application for financial support must contain the following documents:

  • A letter from the parents explaining the financial situation
  • A letter from the teacher
  • A copy of the parent’s tax return from the previous year

Please email your application to registration@prixdelausanne.org specifying in the email object your “LAST NAME First Name _ Financial Support”.

Financial support

The Prix de Lausanne will consider the request formally and decide once the above-mentioned documents are received. Should the financial help be approved, the Prix de Lausanne will participate partially or fully in the following actual costs for the candidate (only), on a case-by-case basis:

  • Registration fees of CHF 175 and CHF 200.- (refunded)
  • Round-trip ticket from place of residence to Lausanne including flight, train, buses
  • Accommodation in a hotel room with breakfast included
  • Daily stipend of CHF 25.-
  • International Health Insurance (if needed)
  • Costs of Visa application (if applicable)

Cancellation policy for sponsored candidates

The candidate needs to provide a medical certificate should they cancel their participation in the competition. Without proof, the candidates will be responsible to pay the total amount of the travelling costs incurred.

Further information about financial support can be asked at any time to registration@prixdelausanne.org.


Headshot photo for registration

Headshot photo – Belle Beasley – 2014 Prix de Lausanne candidate

Full body photo for registration

Full body photo – Belle Beasley – 2014 Prix de Lausanne candidate


Example of video Submission


I did not receive a confirmation that my registration is complete for the video selection of the Prix de Lausanne. Why have I not received a confirmation?

There are 3 required steps to the registration process:

  1. Registration form
  2. Video upload*
  3. 1st registration fee*

You will only receive a confirmation email once we have received and processed your registration form, your video file, and your payment for the 1st registration fee. Please avoid sending multiple emails if you have not completed all required steps.

We will contact you should any corrections need to be made with your registration form or video file. Please check your email every day. Also check your spam box and alternative email address.

*This does not concern preselected candidates.

My video upload did not work on the website. What can I do?

It can be that the website is overloaded. Please wait a few hours and try again. If it still does not work after multiple attempts, you can send your video file via wetransfer.com to registration@prixdelausanne.org. Please make sure to name your video file with your full name.

Can I include a classical variation in my video or a live performance?

No, please do not include a classical variation nor a live performance. These are not part of the video requirements. Please carefully read the Rules & Regulations as well as the Competition Procedure where you will find all practical information.

What are the clothing requirements?

Please carefully read the Rules & Regulations as well as the Competition Procedure where you will find all practical information.

When will the results be announced?

The results will be announced at the latest Thursday November 2.

If I want to apply for financial support, what should I do?

Candidates must send us an email with the request to registration@prixdelausanne.org before 30 September. If you are selected for the competition, the full application form should be filled before 6 November. You will find more information in the Rules & Regulations.

I can no longer participate in the competition, am I eligible for a refund?

As mentioned in the Rules & Regulations, registration fees are non-refundable no matter the reason of cancelation.

I am a preselected candidate. How do I register?

If you were preselected at the Summer Intensive – European Preselection 2023 or at the Latin American Preselection 2023, you are still required to fill in the registration form and to submit your medical documents via the digital platform. However, you must not submit a dance video and you must not pay the registration fees.

Special mention winners of the Summer Intensive – European Preselection 2023 and finalists of the Latin American Preselection 2023 do not need to pay the 1st registration fee of the main registration process of the Prix de Lausanne 2024, but they must submit their registration form and their dance video.