Prix de lausanne
International Ballet Competition
01-08 February 2015
Finals Saturday February 7th


Photo Rodrigo Buas

Preselection Dresden 2014

We are happy to present the jury members and the teachers invited to the preselection. Members of the Jury Amanda Bennett, Prix de Lausanne artistic director Nicola Biasutti, teacher at the John Cranko Schule Stuttgart Jan Broeckx, director of the Ballett Akademie Hochschule für Musik und Theatre München Classical Teacher Sylviane Bayard, Prix de Lausanne […]

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Photo: Gregory Batardon
Design + image manipulation: Loup Design

2015 Prix de Lausanne posters

We are proud to present the 2015 Prix de Lausanne posters created by our new graphic designer, Philippe Loup.

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Positano Premia la Danza Léonide Massine winners 2014

Three of our former prize winners won an award at the famous Pos­it­ano Premia la Danza Léonide Massine in Italy last Saturday. Chris­topher Wheel­don, Prix de Lausanne Prize winner in 1991 received the Cho­reo­grapher of the Year Prize. The prize as Dan­cer of the Year on the Inter­na­tional Scene went to Steven McRae, Prix de Lausanne […]

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Rainer Krenstetter

Rainer Krenstetter

We love hearing good news from our former prizewinners! After 10 years spent at the Staatsballett Berlin in Germany, Rainer Krentstetter joins the Miami City Ballet as a principal dancer from this season on. Born in Austria, Rainer was training at the Ballet School der Wiener Staatsoper when he won a scholarship at the 1999 Prix de […]

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Photo: Marina Kleinwort

2015 Prix de Lausanne registration

Registration for the 2015 Prix de Lausanne is open from September 1st to 30th, 2014. There are two important steps that have to be done before September 30th 2014 in order to participate to the video selection: 1. Submit the online registration form and pay the first registration fee 2. Submit your medical record The […]

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Prixde lausanne2014_photo_Gregory_Batardon_Johannes Goldbach

Preselection in Dresden

In light of the ever-growing success of its Preselection in Argentina and in an effort to open up the life-enhancing experience of its competition to more young dancers, the Prix de Lausanne is organizing a Preselection in Dresden, Germany once again this year. The Prix de Lausanne Preselection Dresden will be held from October 24th to 26th, […]

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Photo: Rodrigo Buas
Pedro Maricato de Carvalho

Preselection in Argentina

The annual Prix de Lausanne South American Preselection will take place from September 26th to  October 3rd, 2014, in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina. In the past three years, many candidates selected at the Prix de Lausanne Preselection in Argentina made it all the way to the Prix de Lausanne finals. In 2011, Mayara Magri, from Rio […]

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Ballet Manga

Ballet Manga

Shinshokan and the Prix de Lausanne Steven McRae, principal, Royal Ballet (GBR), and Prix de Lausanne prize winner in 2003 “Dear Dancers, I wish you all the best for your time at the Prix de Lausanne! I learnt so much during the competition. Talking to people, watching other dancers and working with new teachers allowed […]

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Harlequin , ( world leaders in dance floor technology has been supporting the Prix de Lausanne since 2009. This year Harlequin will once again support the videoblog competition which lets internet users share in the emotions of the candidates and get a glimpse behind the scenes at the Prix de Lausanne. The idea behind the […]

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