Prix de lausanne
International ballet competition
January 28th - February 4th, 2018
Next finals: Saturday February 3th


Grace Robson - NYC

Interview of Grace Robson in NYC, by Alice Moraz

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to observe classes at the American Ballet JKO School in New York City. When I arrived at 890 Broadway, I was welcomed by JKO School Director Rebecca Schwartz who walked me to the studio. The perks of having the school located in the same building as the […]

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How can we promote the art form? Engage people and serve audience’s interests, By Anaya Bobst

What can artists do to promote missing elements in the art form today? Trying to understand this ongoing discussion in my dance studies, I have realized one possible solution to could try: to reclaim the value of dance by defining its content and meaning to then share the value through cultural and educational events. I […]

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Preselection in Uruguay

The registration will take place from July 24th to September 15th, 2017 The Prix de Lausanne preselection in Uruguay will be held on Wednesday October 4th and Thursday October 5th, 2017 at Auditorio Nacional del Sodre Dra. Adela Reta, Montevideo, Uruguay. The registration is free. Info here — Inscripción desde el 24 de julio al […]

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The Prize winners 2017: their choices!

The Prix de Lausanne is proud to announce the 2017 Prize winner’s choices in terms of partner schools and companies of ballet : 1. Michele Esposito – Italy –  company chosen: Het Nationale Ballet, Junior Company – Apprenticeship offered by Adveq 2. Marina Fernandes da Costa Duarte – Brazil – company chosen: Bavarian State Ballet – “Corps de ballet” contract offered by Oak Foundation 3. Taisuke Nakao – Japan – school […]

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What defines a great leader? By Anaya Bobst

“Knowledge and passion. If you have someone on top of you that you can trust (…) who is not superficial, and (…) who has the art form as a priority”, they are great leaders, Yohan Stegli, Ballet master, Deputy of the Artistic Director of the National Youth Ballet, and contemporary variations coach at the Prix […]

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After the Prix, by Anaya Bobst

I have been back in school for a week now. Even though my days are full of dance training, work, and academic classes, I have been thinking about the competition every day. I cannot get certain moments and people out of my head, but how could you, surrounded by such committed practitioners who share the […]

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Prize winners 2017

The Prix de Lausanne has once again attracted young and promising dancers from all over the world. 67 out of the 74 selected candidates, finally participated in the 45th edition. Yesterday, 20 candidates were chosen at the selections to compete in the finals. 8 finalists were awarded a scholarship that provides them with the unique opportunity to choose among the […]

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Photo by Gregory Batardon

Inside the Prix, by Anaya Bobst – Day VI

“You can really meet people from other countries here (…) If you want to change your school for a whatever reason and you want to see another place, it is very good because you can meet those people here” – Laura Cazzaniga, Ballet Mistress of Hamburg Ballet and contemporary variations coach for the Prix de […]

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Photo by Gregory Batardon

Results – Selections – 45th edition of Prix de Lausanne

Lausanne February 3rd, 2017: after 4 days of intensive classes, 20 candidates have qualified for the finals of the competition. Since the beginning of the week, 66 candidates from all over the world have attended daily classes, coaching, and rehearsals with prestigious professionals in the field. Carefully observed by jury members, the candidates have all had […]

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