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Dimanche 4 février 2024!

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Otto Bubenicek

Die meisten wollen etwas sein, aber die wenigsten wollen etwas werden!

Name: Otto Bubenicek

Birthplace: Lubin/Poland

Training: Conservatory for Music and Dance in Prague

Prix de Lausanne: Laureate 1992

Previous companies/positions: 1993 Hamburg Ballet, 1995 Soloist, and 1997 Principal Dancer

Current company/position: Hamburg Ballet, Principal Dancer

Favorite roles/choreographies: Vaslaw Nijinsky in “Nijinsky” (chor. John Neumeier)

Career highlight: There were so many, but recently John Neumeier choreographed “Der Mann” (Vaslaw Nijinsky) in “Le Pavillon d’Armide” and Orpheus in “Orpheus” for me, which had great success.

Message to the Prix de Lausanne candidates: Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality. And the respect of your team is more important than all the laurels in the world. Don’t put limitation on yourself; other people will do that for you. Don’t do it to yourself, don’t bet against yourself. Take risks! Failure is not an option? Failure has to be an option! In art, and in exploration. Because it’s a leap of faith. No important endeavour that required innovation was done without risk. You have to be willing to take those risks. Whatever you’re doing, failure is an option, but fear is not!

Message to the Prix de Lausanne organisation: I really appreciate what you are doing for the dance community. I will never forget the time I had in this competition. It was just wonderful. It opened my eyes. As a young dancer, you feel you come to the dance world and you can learn so much in this week. You can see at which level the dancers are around you and at which level you are. This competition was the most important experience in my life. It formed my future.

So dear Lausanne organisation – thank you for everything!!!

Link: http://bubenicek.eu