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Mizuka Ueno, Prix de Lausanne prize winner in 1993

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29 Avr 2014

As part of the 150 Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan, we are pleased to spotlight our former Japanese prize winners.

Prize winner in 1993, Mizuka Ueno studied at the Academy de Danse Classique Princess Grace in Monaco and is currently principal at the Tokyo Ballet. This March, she danced with Matthew Golding (Prix de Lausanne prize winner in 1992) in Delibes Suite at Deutsche Oper Berlin, Malakhov and Friends during the Final ballet gala.

Mizuka Ueno | Ph. F. Levieux

Mizuka Ueno at Prix de Lausanne in 1993. Photo by F. Levieux

Deutsche Oper Berlin | Ph. Jack Devant

Mizuka Ueno and Matthew Golding at Deutsche Oper Berlin. Photo by Jack Devant