Présélection latino-américaine

La présélection latino-américaine 2023 aura lieu à Cordoba, en Argentine, les 30 septembre et 1er octobre.

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10 Nov 2014

Candidats sélectionnés pour le Prix de Lausanne 2015

300 candidats ( 228 filles et 72 garçons), de 34 nationalités différentes s’étaient inscrits pour participer à la sélection video …

09 Nov 2014

Networking Forum Results

Results from the 2014 Prix de Lausanne Networking Forum Organised during the competition week, the Networking Forum gives candidates who …

19 Juin 2014


Harlequin , ( world leaders in dance floor technology has been supporting the Prix de Lausanne since 2009. This year …

18 Nov 2013

Candidates Selected for the 2014 Competition

Candidates Selected for the 2014 Competition A total of 295 candidates (224 female and 71 male dancers), representing 35 different …

16 Oct 2013

Maria Kochetkova ’s advice to Prix candidates

“You have a great opportunity to take your talent to a new level, meet other dancers from different schools and …

16 Août 2013

Gillian Murphy’s advice to Prix participants

Gillian Murphy’s advice to Prix participants: “Remember it is a privilege to have the opportunity to dance and share your …

02 Fév 2013

Juliana Paiva & Leticia Domingues

Photo: Juliana Paiva & Leticia Domingues by Gregory Batardon On Thursday, we caught up with two of this year’s 9 …

01 Fév 2013

Jason Beechey

Photo: Jason Beechey In the beautiful lunch area reserved for the candidates (with a stunning view of the Swiss Alps!), …

31 Jan 2013

Tigran Sargsyan

Photo: Tigran Sargsyan with his coach Akos Sebestyan Just before the Foyer of the Théâtre de Beaulieu started to fill …

31 Jan 2013

Isabelle Brouwers

Although she was born and raised in Germany,  Isabelle Brouwers has Italian roots and is now a Londoner: she has …