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Témoignage d’Harrison Lee, lauréat 2015

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13 Sep 2016

Nous avons demandé au premier lauréat du Prix 2015 – Harrison Lee – de partager avec nous son sentiment après son année de bourse à la Royal Ballet School…

Prix 2015 - Harrison Lee ©GregoryBatardon

Prix 2015 – Harrison Lee ©GregoryBatardon

Voici un extrait de son témoignage :

Your support of me has been life changing. Prior to competing at the 43rd Prix De Lausanne I was attending The McDonald College in Sydney, I was still studying my year 10 academics and dancing around 2 hours a day, I look back and think that life feels a world away as I think about my first year at the upper school at The Royal Ballet School and living in London, both lives are worlds apart.

I have had the most amazing year, The Royal Ballet School has been everything I had hoped and imagined. I have had some wonderful experiences including being invited to travel to Japan in March with another student from first year, which was a fantastic experience. l was honoured to be chosen to dance the part of The Blue Boy in Les Patineurs in the 3 end of year school performances, which also included the final performance at The Royal Opera House on the main stage. I have made new friends including many Prix De Lausanne Alumni. (…)

I would definitely encourage anyone thinking of entering Prix De Lausanne to definitely do it, not only was it such a positive experience and I came away learning so much, it has changed my life as I am sure it does and has with so many past participants. It has always been important to me to focus, listen and work hard and I don’t take anything for granted. (…)

Thank you again, I am so very proud of my Prix De Lausanne achievements, I will always hold my Prix medal and the whole amazing experience close to my heart.