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Gigi Hyatt

Director of Education and Deputy Director of The School of the Hamburg Ballet
Prix de Lausanne 2017 jury member

About her participation as jury member in 2017

“The Prix de Lausanne offers a unique educational venture to young dancers. It allows students to grow, experience the unknown, and ultimately guides them while finding their place in the dance world. I believe the Prix de Lausanne supports a healthy and safe development of young artists while placing emphasis on the process, not necessarily solely the outcome.”


Gigi Hyatt received her training in Berlin with Tatiana Gsovsky and in Munich with Konstanze Vernon at the Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung. In 1980 she was a finalist at the Prix de Lausanne. In 1982, Gigi Hyatt won the Gold in the Junior Division of The Jackson International Ballet Competition and in the same year joined The Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier. In 1984 she was honored with the Wilhelm Oberdorfer Award and in 1985 was named “Best Young Dancer” by Ballett International magazine. In her first season Gigi Hyatt was promoted to demi-soloist and in 1986 became principal dancer. Gigi Hyatt was fortunate to dance in many ballets choreographed by John Neumeier and created numerous roles.

In 1997, ending her career on stage, she moved to the USA, where she first became ballet mistress and teacher at The Georgia Ballet and School and in 2004 assumed the position of Artistic Director. Gigi Hyatt returned to Hamburg in 2013 to accept the position of Pedagogical Principal and Deputy Director of The School of The Hamburg Ballet.