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23 Juin 2014

Shinshokan and the Prix de Lausanne

Steven McRae, principal, Royal Ballet (GBR), and Prix de Lausanne prize winner in 2003

“Dear Dancers, I wish you all the best for your time at the Prix de Lausanne! I learnt so much during the competition. Talking to people, watching other dancers and working with new teachers allowed me to grow as an artist! The competition will be another chapter in your life so enjoy the journey and perform your heart out!

Best wishes,
Steven McRae”

A Partnership with Editor Shinshokan

For the 2014 competition, the Prix de Lausanne has teamed up with Shinshokan, editor of a manga series created by Takafumi Adachi and Steven McRae, principal dancer with the Royal Ballet (London).The innovative series portrays Steven McRae, a 2003 Prix de Lausanne prize winner, as a ballet hero.

Candidates and Visitors Become Manga Ballet Heroes

Candidates and visitors to the 2014Prix de Lausanne can pose with Steven McRae’s manga double in a specially designed photo booth. Both the Prix de Lausanne and Shinshokan share the common goal of communicating an inspirational message to the new generation.

Every day during the 2014 competition, you can enjoy the latest Ballet Mangas in our photo gallery or click on the ones below.

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