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My overall experience at the Prix, By Anaya Bobst

In this last scheduled newsletter; I wanted to discuss my overall experience at the Prix de Lausanne. Prior to arriving, I was nervous and excited to work at the competition. However, towards the end of the week, I was surprised by how fitting the comment from candidate Jack Joshua Price was: “Wherever you end up is where you are meant …

Today’s female choreographic opportunities, By Anaya Bobst

Due to my growing interest in choreographing, rehearsal directing, and program developing, I am currently researching about female choreographic opportunities for an honors project at university. Some people claim that women are not given the same jobs to progress in large-scale venues as men, and others believe that the opportunities are quite evenly spread. Even though my research does not …

The Prix’s focus on dance education, By Anaya Bobst

“The repertoire in every company is so varied now and you have to be able to switch from one to the other and you hope that students (…) learn how to do that” – Shelly Power, Artistic Director and CEO of the Prix de Lausanne. Educating students to become as versatile as possible is one of the most important elements …

How can we promote the art form? Engage people and serve audience’s interests, By Anaya Bobst

What can artists do to promote missing elements in the art form today? Trying to understand this ongoing discussion in my dance studies, I have realized one possible solution to could try: to reclaim the value of dance by defining its content and meaning to then share the value through cultural and educational events. I believe that art is meant …

What defines a great leader? By Anaya Bobst

“Knowledge and passion. If you have someone on top of you that you can trust (…) who is not superficial, and (…) who has the art form as a priority”, they are great leaders, Yohan Stegli, Ballet master, Deputy of the Artistic Director of the National Youth Ballet, and contemporary variations coach at the Prix de Lausanne answered. “You cannot …

After the Prix, by Anaya Bobst

I have been back in school for a week now. Even though my days are full of dance training, work, and academic classes, I have been thinking about the competition every day. I cannot get certain moments and people out of my head, but how could you, surrounded by such committed practitioners who share the same love for the art …

Inside the Prix, by Anaya Bobst – Day VI

“You can really meet people from other countries here (…) If you want to change your school for a whatever reason and you want to see another place, it is very good because you can meet those people here” – Laura Cazzaniga, Ballet Mistress of Hamburg Ballet and contemporary variations coach for the Prix de Lausanne. “Students are learning real …

Inside the Prix, by Anaya Bobst – Day IV

Yesterday, I was invited to meet a new sponsor interested in working with the Prix de Lausanne. In the interview with the art director Sophie Depéry and designer Olivier Burgisser representing the watchmaking manufacturer Emile Chouriet, we discussed different elements that their business has in common with Prix de Lausanne. Exploring what we could build as common values, I wanted …

Inside the Prix, by Anaya Bobst – Day III

Today’s blog post is for the followers of the Prix de Lausanne. Observing Didy Veldman, Stefanie Arndt, Yohan Stegli and Laura Cazzaniga, I have noticed a commonality in the way they teach and coach the candidates. As the encouraging, motivating, and established professionals they are in the field, I am grateful to have been able to see how they pass …

Inside the Prix, by Anaya Bobst – Day II

Today`s blog post is for the followers of the Prix de Lausanne. Nerves have settled and the dancer`s energy is more directed towards performing the movement instead of just embodying the order of the sequences. The moments of tentative commitment and hesitation from yesterday have diminished significantly, hence the determined eye focus and direction in space. Observing the male contemporary …

Inside the Prix, by Anaya Bobst – Day I

Today’s blog post is for the followers of the Prix de Lausanne, Absorbing the moving, vibrant, but quiet excitement this morning, the atmosphere has been interesting to observe as the candidates took part of their first day of classes. Compared to physically practicing dance in my daily studies, I am grateful to share that I have the privilege of sitting …

Inside the Prix, by Anaya Bobst – Selections

How has the week gone by so fast? I wish that time could stop for a minute so that I could digest all the interesting and amazing things that have been happening. But, of course time moves on whether we like it or not, and it is already Thursday, the day of selections. After watching parts of the performances in …