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Friedemann Vogel

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19 Sep 2013

Ahead of the first Preselection in Dresden this autumn, we have been catching up with Prix participants who have made a dancing career in Germany. To round off our series, here’s 1997 Prix winner and Stuttgart Ballet Principal Friedemann Vogel:

Keeping Focus

At the Princess Grace Academy of Classical Dance in Monte-Carlo, where I trained, we always had to be extremely focused before going on stage. This is something that enables you to completely enjoy the short moment of performance!


The Prix de Lausanne opens many doors, you become part of a community that lasts a long time. I am about to perform “Romeo and Juliet” for the first time with Alina Cojocaru during the Teatro alla Scala tour to Japan this September. Alina and I both won a scholarship at the Prix de Lausanne the same year. We’ve been in touch ever since!

Think Globally, Act Locally:

Ballet is an art form that is not bound to any nationality: it is practised around the world! The large variety of companies in Germany and the local general public interest in culture makes for a very attractive and desirable work environment for artists.

The Competition Circle

I do believe it is important to participate. The preparation for the competition as well as the experience on stage challenge and further the artistic talent of the students.


No risk no fun! Winning should not be the primary goal here, think instead of presenting your achievements and artistic and technical growth on stage in performance. Give it your best shot. Try to forget all the noise around you and focus on yourself. Trust in yourself and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

Photos: Gregory Batardon, Prix de Lausanne & Roman Novitzky