Prix de lausanne
Crowdfunding Scholarship

Your contribution will allow us to provide an additional scholarship to a deserving young dancer. By supporting us, you will directly help a young talented finalist begin their professional career. In addition to the scholarship, this dancer will earn the Prix de Lausanne prize winner title and enter the very prestigious Prix de Lausanne’s alumni circle. You will follow the dancer’s path and proudly know that you have given them the opportunity to begin their career. We need your help, every penny counts!

  Prix de Lausanne Crowdfunding Scholarship  
We need your help to raise 50’000 USD by January 19th 2015. If we don’t achieve our goal, every contribution will be refunded. It’s a huge goal to achieve but if we all join efforts, we can make it!
  Prix de Lausanne Crowdfunding Scholarship  
Let's give the opportunity to a deserving young dancer to complete their training free of charge for one year in one of the most prestigious international schools and companies!

28 JAN  – 4 FEB 2024
FINALS: 3 FEB 2024