Prix de lausanne
International ballet competition
January 28th - February 4th, 2018
Next finals: Saturday February 3th


Results of the Networking Forum 2017

We are delighted to announce that 42 dancers – among the candidates 0f the Prix de Lausanne 2017 – confirmed they have now taken up an offer to dance in a partner school or company thanks to the Networking Forum who took place at the end of the competition last year! The list of their […]

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Results of the preselection in Uruguay

The South American preselection for Prix de Lausanne 2018 took place last week (October 4th and 5th, 2017) at the Auditorio Nacional Sodre, Montevideo (Uruguay). We wish to thank our partner the Ballet Nacional Sodre for their help with the organization of this event. This year, 47 young dancers were candidates for this preselection. The […]

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My overall experience at the Prix, By Anaya Bobst

In this last scheduled newsletter; I wanted to discuss my overall experience at the Prix de Lausanne. Prior to arriving, I was nervous and excited to work at the competition. However, towards the end of the week, I was surprised by how fitting the comment from candidate Jack Joshua Price was: “Wherever you end up […]

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Hanna Park ©HideakiTanioka

Four candidates preselected at YAGP last April

We are proud to announce the names of the four young talented dancers from the Youth America Grand Prix who received a “Special Award” from Shelly Power (CEO and Artistic Director of Prix de Lausanne) last April in New York! They have been invited to register and participate in the next competition in Switzerland from January […]

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Michele Esposito, Prize Winner 2017

The registration for competition 2018 is now open!

Get ready for Prix de Lausanne 2018 Registration for Prix de Lausanne 2018 is now open!  First of all, please read carefully the new “Rules and Regulations” and the “Competition Procedure”. Then, you have until September 30th, 2017 to fill in the form (here). Finally, you will have until October 22nd, 2017 to submit your video recording […]

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Today’s female choreographic opportunities, By Anaya Bobst

Due to my growing interest in choreographing, rehearsal directing, and program developing, I am currently researching about female choreographic opportunities for an honors project at university. Some people claim that women are not given the same jobs to progress in large-scale venues as men, and others believe that the opportunities are quite evenly spread. Even […]

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Shelly Power, XU Mohan and ZHAO Xinyue 2 ©WANG Chongwei

Two candidates already selected for Prix 2018

Congratulations to the two Chinese talented dancers – from the 4th Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition (IBCC) – who received a “Special Award” from Shelly Power (CEO and Artistic Director of Prix de Lausanne) last week in Beijing! They have been invited to participate in the next competition in Switzerland from January 28th to February 4th, […]

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The Prix’s focus on dance education, By Anaya Bobst

“The repertoire in every company is so varied now and you have to be able to switch from one to the other and you hope that students (…) learn how to do that” – Shelly Power, Artistic Director and CEO of the Prix de Lausanne. Educating students to become as versatile as possible is one […]

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Zhao Ruheng and Shelly Power

The Prix visits China!

The CEO and Artistic Director of Prix de Lausanne – Shelly Power – is in China these days for the Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition (IBCC). She is attending the classes and will give a special “Prix de Lausanne Award” to a candidate at the end of the competition. She has been welcomed there by Vice-chairperson […]

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