Summer Intensive – European Preselection

Registration for our Summer programme for young Swiss and/or European dancers is now open! Don't miss this amazing opportunity that might open the doors to the Prix de Lausanne 2024 for you!

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General Info

The aim of the Prix de Lausanne Latin American Video Preselection is to support talented ballet students on their way towards a professional career by selecting two candidates who will be invited to the Prix de Lausanne 2023 free of charge.

2 candidates have been selected and invited to participate in the Prix de Lausanne 2023 free of charge. The preselection has also given the opportunity to 8 finalists to have their video viewed by the Prix de Lausanne 2023 Video Selection Jury panel end of October 2022, free of charge.

Dancers can register for either or both the Prix de Lausanne – Latin American Video Preselection and/or the main Video Selection. Applying also for the main Video Selection may give them another chance of being selected for the competition. However, they are required to pay for the registration fee for the competition’s main Video Selection.

The registration is now closed!

Discover the names of the preselected candidates here.

El objetivo de la Preselección Video Latinoamericana del Prix de Lausanne es apoyar a los estudiantes de ballet con talento en su camino hacia una carrera profesional mediante la selección de dos candidatos que serán invitados al Prix de Lausanne 2023 de forma gratuita.

2 candidatos han sido seleccionados e invitados a participar en el Prix de Lausanne 2023 de forma gratuita. La preselección también ha dado la oportunidad a 8 finalistas de que el jurado de selección de vídeos del Prix de Lausanne 2023 vea su vídeo a finales de octubre de 2022, de forma gratuita.

Los bailarines pueden inscribirse en la Preselección de Video del Prix de Lausanne – América Latina y/o en la Selección de Video principal. El hecho de inscribirse también en la Selección de Video principal puede darles otra oportunidad de ser seleccionados para el concurso. Sin embargo, deberán pagar la cuota de inscripción para la Selección de Video principal del concurso.

Información sobre la inscripción

La inscripción está cerrada.

Descubra aquí los nombres de los candidatos preseleccionados.

Informações gerais

O objectivo do Prix de Lausanne Latin American Video Pre-Selection é apoiar os talentosos estudantes de ballet no seu caminho para uma carreira profissional, seleccionando gratuitamente dois candidatos que serão convidados para o Prix de Lausanne 2023.

2 candidatos foram seleccionados e convidados a participar gratuitamente no Prix de Lausanne 2023. A pré-selecção deu também a oportunidade a 8 finalistas de terem o seu vídeo visto pelo júri do Prix de Lausanne 2023 no final de Outubro de 2022, gratuitamente.

Os dançarinos podem inscrever-se na Pré-Selecção do Prix de Lausanne Vídeo – América Latina e/ou na Selecção de Vídeo principal. A inscrição também na Selecção de Vídeo principal pode dar-lhes outra oportunidade de serem seleccionados para o concurso. No entanto, terão de pagar a taxa de inscrição para a principal Selecção de Vídeo do concurso.

Informação de registo

O registo está agora encerrado!

Descubra aqui os nomes dos candidatos pré-seleccionados.

Success stories & financial support

The Prix de Lausanne acknowledges that some candidates cannot afford a trip to Switzerland nor the registration fees to take part in the competition. Since 2008, a special fund has been put aside to help aspiring candidates who ask for our help.

Since 2008, more than 350’000 CHF have been used to sponsor candidates from Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Italy, Latvia, Paraguay, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States (among others).

Following their Prix de Lausanne adventure, many of these candidates got closer to achieve their dreams as they were offered to join some of our partner schools or companies.

The Prix de Lausanne is extremely proud and honoured to help those young talented dancers through their wonderful journey and wishes to pursue this mission while making it more noticeable and affordable.

Here are some success stories of candidates who have benefited from our help :

  • Mayara Magri (Brazil) won a scholarship in 2011 and joined the Royal Ballet School. She has danced as a Principal with the Royal Ballet for years and is now a Guest Artist for major ballet performances.
  • Edson Barbosa (Brazil) won an apprenticeship in 2012 and joined the San Francisco Trainee Program. He is now an Artist with the Joffrey Ballet (Chicago)
  • Carolyne Galvao (Brazil) won an apprenticeship in 2018 and joined the English National Ballet. She is still dancing their as a Company Artist