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We wish to thank our sponsors most sincerely for their commitment to the
training of talented young dancers:



The Loterie Romande is delighted, through its Vaud distribution body, to support the Prix de Lausanne, which will be held from 26th January to 1st February 2014. Let us remember that for more than 75 years, the Loterie Romande has been redistributing its entire profits for the good of the French-Swiss community to the tune of about 200 million francs a year. Hence, more than Fr. 500,000.- a day are redistributed in French-speaking Switzerland to support public utility projects in areas as diverse as culture, social assistance, the environment, research, training and sport.



The Leenaards Foundation is proud to be able to look back over more than fifteen years of supporting the Prix de Lausanne and in more general terms over its ongoing contribution to the development of dance and the choreographic art at the highest level.

Now a major event in the dance world, this competition also promotes the cultural reputation of the Lake Geneva region worldwide. Both demanding and prestigious by nature, the Prix de Lausanne deserves the fervent loyalty of the public and justifies the consistent backing of our Foundation.

Created in 1980 due to the generosity of Antoine and Rosy Leenaards, the Leenaards Foundation is active in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva. Its mission is to serve the public interest in a philanthropic spirit and it grants support in the form of patronage for a variety of projects demonstrating excellence in the social, scientific and cultural fields.

In terms of culture, the Foundation is active on behalf of institutions, artists and public events. While the forms of support vary, they all meet the criteria of high quality and general interest established by the founders.

Honoured to be helping youthful talents bloom and express themselves, the Leenaards Foundation is delighted to witness once again this gathering of the finest talents of their generation.


Located in 10 acres of private gardens on the banks of Lake Geneva, at only 40 minutes from Geneva Airport, the elegant Belle Epoque buildings of the Beau-Rivage Palace, a Leading Hotels of The World, command breathtaking views across the lake and alps.

The 168 guest rooms and suites are richly appointed and offer the utmost in elegance and comfort. Luxury 7 Executive suites were created to be different and unique in style.

The restaurants provide guests ample cuisine from which to choose. From the gastronomic restaurant “Anne-Sophie Pic au Beau-Rivage Palace” to the “Café Beau-Rivage” and the refined and stylish sushi restaurant “Miyako Lausanne”

The signature Cinq Mondes Spa offers pure relaxation on over 1,500 square meters, discover the beauty rituals from the world over.

The Beau-Rivage Palace provides the impeccable service including also a special kids program to make your stay truly unforgettable.


For more than 40 years the Prix de Lausanne has opened doors for exceptionally talented young dancers of all nationalities to the world's finest schools and companies. In selecting the winners the organizers of the event have looked beyond short term career prospects by promoting academic credentials and enforcing a strict health policy.

Joined in the common practice of rewarding those who passionately strive for excellence in a thoughtful, responsible way, the Prix de Lausanne has been able to count on Adveq as a key sponsor since 2007. The firm is pleased to again offer a scholarship to one of the prize winners of the 2014 competition.

Adveq is a leading asset manager investing in private equity and real assets globally. The firm’s client base comprises institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, family offices and other financial institutions located in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. Adveq has offices in Zurich, Frankfurt, London, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.


It is with great pleasure that Chacott announces its continuing support following on from the 42nd Prix de Lausanne. The organization of such an event, which brings together some of the most outstanding young dancers from all over the world, is certainly an auspicious occasion on which to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between its participating candidates and the audience.

 A number of worldwide top dancers and artists, such as Vladimir Malakhov, have passed along their passion, knowledge, and love to Chacott over the years. And we plan to keep improving to the benefit of the many people who dedicate their energy to stage performance and to dance. Chacott creates ideal environments in arts and sports as the leading company of ballet and dance supplies in the world.

Chacott Co. Ltd. was established in 1950 as a manufacturer and retailer of Classic Ballet products. Since then our range has been expanded to include more varieties of dance such as Ballroom Dance, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Yoga, Stage Performances, Special Costumes, Stage Cosmetics and more.

A number of top dancers and artists worldwide, such as Vladimir Malakhov, have for many years passed on their passion, knowledge and love to Chacott. We will continue to improve in order to repay this support to many more people who dedicate their energy to dance and stage performances. Chacott creates the ideal surroundings in the world of art and on the sports field as the leading company of ballet and dance products throughout the world.

In 2010, on its 60th anniversary, Chacott announced its support for Save the Children to encourage a bright future for children. In addition to this, through the partnership between Chacott Co. Ltd. and Prix de Lausanne, Chacott is now the official licensing partner for the Prix de Lausanne branded products and will continue to develop these valuable opportunities in order to support young dancers and the art of ballet.

We, Chacott, would like to wish this esteemed competition great success and we would like to wish the best of luck to all the participants.

Harlequin Logo

Prix de Lausanne 2014 Candidates will benefit from a brand new Harlequin sprung floor

Delighted to be continuing as a sponsor of the Prix de Lausanne, Harlequin Floors, world leaders in dance floor technology, announce that dancers at the 2014 event will also enjoy the benefit of a brand new Liberty sprung floor.

The new Harlequin Liberty™ sprung floor with a Harlequin Studio dance surface will be located in the main studio of the 2014 event, an area where candidates are assessed by the judging panel. Liberty is a floating floor system composed of sprung floor panels, which can be quickly latched together, then covered with a Harlequin Studio™ dance surface to create a professional quality sprung floor and provide a comfortable dance experience.

Once again Harlequin Floors will be supporting emerging young talent through a scholarship award. Chantal Lagniau,
General Manager of Luxembourg based Harlequin Europe explained, “Supporting young talented dancers and looking towards the future of dance is a cherished value of Harlequin Floors. In recognition of the dance community and in memory of our friends and founders of Prix de Lausanne, Elvire and Philippe Braunschweig, we want to continue to strengthen the privileged links between both institutions and our support to the Prix de Lausanne, by once again giving this scholarship we first introduced in 2013.”

Harlequin Floors also confirmed continued support for a sixth year of the very successful initiative of the video blog. The video blog allows Internet users to share in the emotions of the candidates in addition to offering a glimpse behind the scenes of the Prix de Lausanne.

A shared interest in youngsters with a talent for dance is the motivation behind the partnership between Prix de Lausanne and Harlequin Floors. In fact, for over 40 years, the Prix de Lausanne and Harlequin have in their own ways supported future stars of the dance world. The Prix de Lausanne enables students to access a study grant whilst Harlequin provides top quality dance floors. Harlequin also leads an international awareness campaign on the importance of the correct dance floors in preventing injury to dancers.


BOBST is the world’s leading supplier of machinery and services to packaging manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible material industries.

Since 1890, the creativity and care devoted to research and to the production of ever more flexible machinery has enabled the company to become a manufacturing standard of reference in more than 160 countries. BOBST exports 97% of its production by supplying simple or complicated machinery, according to the requirements of various markets.

The relationships established with the markets and clients have contributed to developing a truly international corporate culture within the company and have had a profound influence on the training of personnel.

Art and precision are constant factors in the research, development and production of state-of-the-art equipment. Building on this experience, BOBST is delighted to be associating its name with the blossoming of youthful talents in the world of dance.

BOBST wishes all of them the best of luck and hopes they will retain fond memories of their experience at the Prix de Lausanne and their stay in Switzerland.